Yes. We can arrive as early as 7:30AM or as late as 4:00PM ( Spring / Summer Only ). The average project takes only about 2 hours, so we don't need your entire day. We can also work with a house-sitter or property manager to do the work in your absence & later email the invoice. We are also available on select Saturdays to try and accommodate everyone. We take pride in our flexibility, Contact Us and I'm sure we can work something out.

In April, May, June... and again in October, November, December... and also around major holidays, we appreciate 7 - 10 days notice. Our more flexible months are July, August, September, and January, February, March.

Please call, even if you need work done tomorrow. We have the resources & staff and we're eager to earn your business!

Windows traditionally get cleaned Spring and Fall. We suggest an initial cleaning for the Inside and Outside surfaces, and 6-8 months later for only the Outside Surfaces. This frequency keeps glass cleaner than you can imagine. Some homes can go two years or more before the inside glass needs cleaned again but it all depends on personal preferences for cleanliness.

If only having windows cleaned once/yearly or if you can't remember the last time they were cleaned, we suggest a complete Inside and Outside cleaning after the messy spring season. Summer is better than springtime for window cleaning.

Hosting a special event? Clean windows make a huge improvement prior to the big day.

Cleaned windows stay clean after it rains... Period! We experience it all the time on the job. After cleaning glass with our super solution (which is part of the secret) we observe the results after a heavy rain... still spot free. You can't get our solution at Target, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. Our stuff is purchased through an industry specific supplier of pro grade window cleaning tools & equipment... It works.

PS: If your property has dirty siding / stucco, dirty trim & fascia, or dirty gutters, than your windows are at greater risk of getting spotted from rain water running over those dirty surfaces and onto the glass. Consider having us Power Wash your house for the longest lasting results!


Rain doesn't make windows dirty...dirt does!

Inside: Airborne dust from heating & cooling systems, fingerprints, toddler & pet smudges all combine to slowly form a thin layer of haze on glass. The worst is caused by burning candles, real wood fireplaces, and cooking grease from the kitchen.

Outside : Dirt blown in the wind, the mess kicked up during lawn care, and even automotive exhaust combine with bird droppings and worst of all - tree debris. Glass in areas with mature trees get year round tree debris. These are the dirtiest windows and need more frequent service to stay clean. Trees are beautiful but they are messy.

There is good news: Having your windows cleaned is a much better spend than washing your car. Residential window cleaning does NOT need to be done once a month (like your car) because windows don't drive on the Schuylkill Expressway or the Turnpike every day.

Very carefully. Tinted windows should never be cleaned with abrasive ammonia-based cleaners like Windex & should never be scraped with any sharp objects - not even a finger nail. Of the dozens of homes we visit each week at least 75% have tinted windows, so don't worry we have a lot of experience with tinted glass and have the proper method to safely and effectively clean it. We do it all day, everyday with no issues.

Sorry, no we cannot. It is impossible to get inside of those sealed window panes to clear the fog and moisture. This is a manufacturer defect commonly referred to as "insulated glass failure". If you have it, refer to your waranty information, some providers will stand behind their products and help out.

PS: We see moisture & fog in between sealed glass panels every single day, it is a very common problem. We cannot fix this problem during our window cleaning nor can we cause this problem during our power washing. Fog & moisture in between happens to all I.G. windows at some point - Google it for more information & you'll see it is very common.

Yes, we are not afraid of the cold. We power wash & clean windows year round as long as temperatures are over 40 degrees. The Christmas Season is always busy and we stay on throughout the winter and even offer discounts during the January and February "slower season".

Yes, we accept all of the major cards using the security of PAYPAL. If you don't have an account with them, don't worry you don't need one. We carry mobile processors or can email you an invoice for electronic payment.

Yes - plus we are careful, considerate, and claim free for over 20 years. We have all the liability, auto, and workers comp insurance required, and then some.

We are also proud to report that employees of I Do Windows Inc. are covered by our company sponsored Health insurance & Disability insurance. We take care of our guys with an above average living wage & other benefits so they are happy with their job - and it shows in our performance!